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How to determine what size play parachute you need!

We recommend parachutes with handles for children six and under. We have found that they tend to "let go" of the parachute when it is waved and it is easier for them to hold on if there is handles. The parachutes without handles have a rope along the perimeter of the chute to hold on to.

For 24 children, we would recommend a minimum size of 24 ft, with 30 ft being better. It depends upon the ages of the children. Younger children do better with a smaller chute, whereas ages 8 and up can do more with a larger chute.

We always tell our customers to envision a room in the size of the parachute to get an idea of the size. For example, a 20 ft, 24 ft, or 30 ft room would be entirely covered by the parachute. If you had a 30 ft room with 6 children spaced along each wall, they would be 5 ft apart. So, a 30 ft parachute would accomodate 24 children each standing 5 ft apart. A 24 ft parachute would accomodate 24 children each standing 4 ft apart.

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