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Kaleidochute 12 Ft Play Parachute with handles!

A whoosh of color and activity!

Create a crowd! Kids come running at first glance of this ginormous parachute!

Twelve securely attached loops fit little (and big!) hands perfectly. Grip the handles and begin! A kaleidoscope of color becomes marvelous motion!

Encourage participation and teamwork. Children combine forces to bounce a ball or water balloon in the center of the parachute, they make bouncing waves, or play tag while it is raised and lowered.

High quality polyester is up for the challenge kids bring. Vibrant, rich colors of celery green, cherry red, royal purple and azure blue inspire kids to get in on the action!

Here are a few ideas. Try a couple together, then hand it to your kids and see what they come up with! It's ideal for instant party fun!

Kaleidochute Activity Ideas:
Make waves of gorgeous color
Lift up the parachute and run under, watch the colors rain down around you
Bounce balls on top like popcorn
Fling it into the air, let it go, and watch it drift in the breeze
Achieve refreshing shade by draping it over line strung between trees
Pile leaves or snowballs on the parachute and then toss them all over
Place small balls in the middle and then launch them all into the air at once
Play London Bridges, slowly lowering the parachute over kids who are weaving in and out
Give your snow fortress an update
See how high you can throw a ball up using the parachute as a catapult
Drape the parachute over chairs or the table - instant fort!
One child sits on the parachute. Pull it, while they hang on and slide across the grass
Keep it in the trunk for on-the-fly fun
Makes a fabulous impromptu picnic blanket

Kaleidochute 12' Parachute
Lively, interactive parachute for all ages
Encourage teamwork, cooperation, collective participation
Fosters creativity and active, dynamic play
Refines large motor skills and coordination
Pull out the parachute for instant party fun!
12 sturdy, comfortable handles all the way around
Includes carrying bag for storage
Indoor and outdoor Use
High quality polyester
Machine washable
Generous parachute diameter: 12 Feet
Flame resistant, meets all safety standards
Appeals to all ages

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