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Tunnel Information Page

How do your tunnels compare to competition tunnels?
The minimum standards for "regulation" tunnels are 10 to 20 feet long, with a diameter of 22-26 inches, usually 24". Our tunnels are available in diameters of 19", 22" or 28". They can be purchased in a lightweight, rip-stop nylon material or a heavy duty Dacron (like canvas) in the institutional series. Competition tunnels are very heavy in construction and difficult for one person alone to move and carry (approx. 50 lbs.). They are a challenge for one person to set up or move around. Our tunnels are excellent for home practice and training, are lightweight and portable. They are also much more inexpensive!

How do I keep my tunnel from rolling in the wind?
The tunnels need to be staked down in some way so the wind doesn't blow it away and also so they don't move when your dog barrels through it a lightning speed. PVC braces can be purchased on some dog sites but these are expensive ($30 to $40 each). You can easily and inexpensively make a wicket (upside down "U")by purchasing wire from any hardware store or Home Depot type store and bend it to go over the tunnel with the ends going down into the ground to hold the tunnel in place. One of these at each end will be sufficient. The only tool needed is a wire cutter to cut the wire or you could have it cut to length at the hardware store. The problem for us to consider stocking something like this is that the shipping cost is much more expensive than the cost of the item and there is no way to "fold" the wicket to reduce the size for packaging purposes. Another suggestion is to use bungy cords with tent stakes, both of which can be purchased at any discount or hardware store. You can stretch the bungy cord over the top of the tunnel and secure it on each side of the tunnel to a tent stake which is pushed into the ground.

How do I care for my practice tunnel?
Our tunnels are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Their weathering qualities ae like canvas tents. You can leave them out and they will dry if wet. Prolonged exposure to the hot sun with not enough moisture can fade and dry it out, so we suggest bringing them in if you won't be using it for a period of time. The tunnels accordian fold and have Velcro strips to attach for storage, so it's very easy. If you live in a damp area, you can periodically treat your tunnel with a waterproofing spray such as Scotchguard.

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