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Victorian Playhouse Kits are custom ordered. Allow 6 to 10 days for delivery!

Victorian Playhouse  Kit w/optional chimney, deck &rail

When you choose one of our quality Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Kit playhouses for your child, you are opening the door to his or her imagination. Whether they pretend to be an architect or interior designer as they decorate their new home, a librarian in their new reading room, a fireman in their new firehouse or a doctor or nurse in the hospital they just created inside their new playhouse, the possibilities are endless!

You will be helping your child’s imagination grow while creating those memories which will last a lifetime!

Our children’s playhouses give the kids a place to get away, give you the extra space you need and add to the beauty of your home!
Playhouse Prices

& Rail

4x6 $895 N/A N/A N/A
8x6 $1090 $895 $400 $185
8x8 $1225 $995 $400 $210
8x10 $1395 $1175 $425 $210
8 x 12 $1495 $1300 $450 $210
10 x 12 N/A $1695 $450 $250

Est Ship Costs
East of
West of
Kit without floor $400 $575
Kit with floor $450 $700
Note: Prices for playhouse kit shipping are estimated and include delivery to your driveway in most cities and towns within the continental United States. The driver is not required to unload so you should have some help available to unload the kit.

When you purchase one of our Do-It-Yourself playhouse kits, you will receive all the hardware needed for assembly. The only thing you need to purchase are roof shingles and drip edge. If you purchase a floor kit for your house, it will come treated and ready to place on the ground.
We will also supply you with instructions on how to find our online manual. The manual includes approximately 120 color pictures with step-by-step instructions. What could be easier than that! You just need to supply the labor!

Before beginning to assemble your DIY Kit you will need the following items…

Cordless drill, 12 volt or higher
Step ladder
Chalk line
Utility knife
Hook knife (for utility knife to cut shingle)

It is optional to purchase three 4” x 4” treated runners and add these to your floor base. Runners make it easier to move the playhouse to another location. If you purchase the deck and rail option on your playhouse, however, it is essential that you use the 4” x 4” pressure treated runners to give the house the correct height to ensure the child’s door clears the deck.

When you purchase one of our Do-It-Yourself playhouse kits, you have the option with many of our sizes (8’x6’, 8’x8’, 8’x10’, 8’x12’) to purchase a floor kit from which contains the wood floor panels and instructions needed to assemble them. If you would prefer to build your own floor, we will provide you with a material list and directions. The supplies you will need, such as wood 2”x 4”s, 5/8” plywood and 4”x 4” pressure treated runners, can be purchased at your local home improvement store.

Whether you choose to purchase a floor kit from us or build your own floor, we do recommend installing a floor under the playhouse. The playhouse floor provides the proper elevation to keep the house off the ground and prevent the wood from rotting because of dampness. In addition, the floor holds the playhouse walls in place and makes it easier to move.

If you purchase the deck and rail option on your playhouse, it is essential that you use 4” x 4” pressure treated runners to give the house the correct height to ensure the child’s door can clear the deck.

Our 4’ x 6’ playhouse kit comes with a factory standard floor built by our experienced craftsmen. Our 10’ x 12’ kit, does not include a floor kit option and customers are responsible for building their own.
Playhouse Specifications
Floor Deminsions Outside Deminsions








4x6 61" 6' 4' 6'1" 4'1" 74" 47x24 36x16 39"
6x8 78" 8' 6' 8'1" 6'1" 91" 61½x34 40x20 45"
8x8 82" 8' 8' 8'1" 8'1" 94½" 61½x34 40x20 45"
8x10 82" 10' 8' 10'1" 8'1" 94½" 61½x34 40x20 45"
8x12 82" 12' 8' 12'1" 8'1" 94½" 61½x34 40x20 45"
10x12 97" 12' 10' 12'1" 10'1" 109½" 72x54 40x20 51"

Our standard playhouse kits include:

-Duratemp Siding Prefastened To Alphabetized Panels
-Prefastened Gingerbread Trim
-Two (2) Working Windows With Safety Glass, Grids & Screens
-Shutters & Flowerboxes
-One (1) Painted (White) Heart Plexi-Glass Window
-Child’s Dutch Door (40” High x 20” Wide)
-Adult Dutch Door on Side (8 ft wide kits only) (61” High x 34” Wide)
-10'x12' Kits have double doors (54"Wide x 72"High, not Dutch Door)
-Hardware Needed To Assemble (Screws, Latches, Handles, Nails)
-Outside Corner Trim (White Aluminum)
-All Trim and Siding is Pre-primed
-Printed Instructions

-Chimney ($50.00)
-Additional Shutters (Add $30.00 each)
-Additional Windows to be installed by customer - (add $50.00)

-Floor (if purchased without floor kit)
-Optional: (3)4'x 4'posts for under floor

All Victorian Wooden Playhouse Kits are custom ordered. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Please call us at 714-337-9890 to place your order or with any questions you may have.

Free shipping promotions not applicable to Victorian Playhouse Kits!



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